Want to see charity transformed in your city?

True Charity means true community. Individuals rise and stay out of poverty only through a complex unity of friends, nonprofits, churches, and businesses. Through a Community Initiative, you’ll join together with your local organizations, businesses, and neighbors to enact holistic change for the long-term.


What is a Community Initiative?

A community-wide movement toward more effective, dignity-oriented charity. Through a Community Initiative, nonprofit leaders, stakeholders, and the wider public are empowered to turn philosophy into practice that results in real transformation for those living in poverty. 


How does it work?

We know that place matters, and that every community is different. When your city joins our community initiatives program, you’ll partner with a True Charity team member to discuss the particular assets and needs in your local area. 

We’ll come up with some baseline figures on poverty, social capital, and welfare dependency in your town, so you’ll be able to see measurable outcomes as your community flourishes over time.

Then, we’ll get to work on our Community Plan of Action:

Foundation Workshop: 

Nonprofit and church leaders learn the central principles of effective charity. Learn more here.

Coordination of Services:

Leaders trained in online tools, facilitating decentralized collaboration.

Establish Local Director:

Local Director hosts monthly meetings for education and partnership.

Public Education:

Local Director spearheads billboard and radio PSA campaign.

Continued Coaching: 

True Charity team assists with ongoing education and challenges.

Effective Charity:

Results are measured as charities and individuals flourish, free from dependency.

How do I learn more?

Reach out to our Director of Community Initiatives: Avery West

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