Have you questioned whether systems of private and public charity actually ever change anyone’s life?

Does your church or community effort to help those in need leave you feeling dissatisfied with the results?

Ever experience a nagging feeling that your own charitable giving isn’t having the impact you’d hoped?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should become a Friend of True Charity.

Friends of True Charity contribute a monthly donation of any amount to the True Charity Initiative, and we use your dollars to help non-profits, churches, and civic organizations understand and address the root problems of poverty. Your dollar multiplies the impact of existing charitable contributions, by helping organizations restructure poverty-fighting programs that are ineffective, or downright destructive, into programs that foster real results.

In gratitude for your support, we will equip you with tools and educational resources that will help you learn and become an advocate for real compassion and real results through your circle of influence.

  • We will give you a free voucher for one use of all of our online True Charity University classes.
  • We will also sign you up for a brief newsletter that provides information about what True Charity can accomplish and is accomplishing as your initiative moves forward.
  • We will provide you with discounted tickets to our annual summit.
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