But not necessarily that kind.


Charity Tracker

This third-party software helps charities and aid agencies to communicate and work together more effectively. It’s meant to keep services from being duplicated or abused by recipients and to build accountability across a wide network of organizations. 

Though this tool isn’t a True Charity product, we use it ourselves and are under contract with the software provider as a consultant to other charities.

Life Deck

This Bible-based mentorship tool helps adults build real relationships. The deck provides a framework to walk you and a friend through a joint exploration of 20 life categories over a period of forty weeks.

Neighbor Connect

This program connects one neighbor’s skill to another’s need. Those offering and needing help are vetted and matched up through our software and staff.

Want to start a Neighbor Connect center in your city? We can help.

SWOT Assessment

This tool helps analyze a person’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in terms of education, job and income potential, relationships, and health.

Charity Resources

Proper referral of people between organizations is essential. We designed a web application to empower organizations to manage their own information. It can be set up locally to serve your community.

Foundations of True Charity Group Study

*Coming Soon

Adapted from our full-day class, this 7-week small group study explores the foundational principles of compassion through real-life examples of people who’ve faced poverty.

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