The True Charity Network is an association of like-minded organizations that serve the poor. This includes churches, 501(c)(3) charities, for-profit social enterprises, or any civic group that brings members together to learn about and resolve poverty.

 The True Charity Network is your way to:

Learn about more effective ways to serve the poor

  • Explore our interactive online courses with 10 users free, additional codes half-off
  • Experience proven training with our staff (free half-day session, subsequent for half-off)
  • Consult with our team about improving your programs
  • Engage with webinars that keep you on track
  • Teach pre-packaged curriculum to your own organization

Connect with like-minded organizations to scale your impact

  • Stay in the loop on trends and news through our monthly e-publication: Ennoble
  • Contribute your wins and best practices to inspire other organizations
  • Attend our annual summit with discounted tickets
  • Leverage our path to True Charity Certification to show donors that you “walk the walk”

  • Share practical digital tools with other organizations through our member’s portal

  • Network with like-minded members through our digital directory

  • Benefit from access to tools like the NextJob employment readiness software for your clients

Influence the systems that perpetuate poverty

  • Engage state and federal lawmakers by letting us take your concerns and stories to our advocacy partners

  • Collaborate with us to create free public service announcements for radio and billboards to spread awareness of your organization and the principles of effective charity

  • Support the movement that spreads your core values to other nonprofits as well as potential future donors to your organization


Total cost: $240 a year, only $20 a month.

This price is a flat rate for each organization, regardless of size. Why so inexpensive? Because we understand that impact requires scale, so we don’t want cost to be a barrier for small organizations. We have our own donor base that allows us to deliver this value to you below cost.

Join the network; be the movement!

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